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This is Your Pocket Tactics Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2019

The results are in, the votes have been counted, I’ve taken a nap and now we’re ready to reveal to you the 2019 Pocket Tactics Reader’s Choice Game of the Year! There was a clear winner again, but a surprising number of you also didn’t like the look of any of this year’s top games, which is interesting.

But without further ado, here is this year’s victor. Drum roll please.

And the winner is…

Best Mobile Game 2019 – Star Traders: Frontiers

As much as I really like Star Traders: Frontiers, I wasn’t expecting it to be the most popular game amongst the readers, not by the margin it got anyway. STF pulled in over a third of the votes, with the next most popular game getting just 10%.

Still, it’s a testament to the hard work and unyielding dedication the Trese Brothers have towards their games, and especially STF. Even before the mobile version released in early 2019, the brothers had been updating and refining the PC version that had launched the year before. Frontiers is the embodiment of a living world, not only in terms of the internal mechanics, where the story can progress with or without you, but also in terms of how patches and updates will tweak, and add content to the game.

Whether it’s a new character, a new quest-line, or even changes to how existing stuff works, the world of STF is in constant flux. As I summarised in my review:

The Trese Brothers have come a long way since their earlier releases, but it’s great to see how their games keep getting better and better. Star Traders: Frontiers is a new pinnacle of not only their own personal work, but also of PC-to-mobile ports in general and an excellent addition to the roster of premium mobile games. If any of Frontiers’ traits appeals to you, then this is absolutely a must buy.

That statement is as true now as it was twelve months ago, and this award proves it.

2019 Runner Ups

We had less top picks for readers to vote on this year, but there were a number of favourites that all vied for second place. Deck building game Shards of Infinity was the official Runner Up, but board game ports Raiders of the North Sea and The Castles of Burgundy were also close contenders for second place.

Wildcard Nominations – The Best of the Rest 2019

I feel like many of you missed the point of the Wildcard nomination – nearly half of you didn’t actually nominate anyone in addition to the game you voted for in the main award, although thankfully only one person didn’t nominate anyone in the main award or the Wildcard nomination.

Still, out of those of you who did go for a Wildcard, here are some highlights:

Terraforming Mars got the most Wildcard nominations, although no-one would actually say why. Still, it’s good to see Asmodee Digital’s work at getting that project out the door paid off.

Terraforming Mars iOS Android Review

While it only got a single vote, there seemed to be a lot of love and respect poured into DOTA Underlord’s nomination, with the feedback being “Stellar game, exemplary post-release development. My biggest time-sink 2019.”

Indie card/strategy game Solar Settlers also got some love, which is nice to see.

Apple Arcade’s Card of Darkness also got several votes this year, so kudos to Zach Gage, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention The Parenting Simulator. This neat little bit of interactive fiction was actually created by PT reader HustlerTwo, so congrats on getting some nominations.

Again like last year, there was a lot of spread votes with not a super-clear consensus, but here are some other games that got Wildcard nominations:

  • Black Desert Mobile
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • GWENT: The Witcher Card Game
  • Xenowerk Tactics
  • Through the Ages’ Expansion

That’s all for this year’s awards, and my final one as Editor – hope you all are enjoying your holiday break, and happy new year!

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